Web Development Check-list


The purpose of your site?
There may be more than one purpose – from being a “brochure” site that allows people to check you out to a site that offers online product sales. You may also be interested in creating a single “opt-in” page that offers potential followers a valuable gift that demonstrates your work thus beginning a relationship with people who want more of what you have to offer.

Who do you want to come to your site?
Some people think of an actual person who is their ideal client – once they put a name and a face they can design their site and write appropriate content.

Target marketing can be the key to small business success. In designing your web site and writing content for it, it’s important to consider where does your ideal customer live? How old are they, what is the annual income? What are their lifestyle preferences? What words do they recognize that describes who they are – entrepreneur, professional, dog-lover, Mom, working-from-home?

What are the benefits to your clients?
Describe your competition. Who are they, do they have a website and if yes, what is the web address?

What is their unique value proposition?

“What sets you apart from your competition and makes you the choice to consider?”

How do you want to position yourself?
Before your clients engage with you, they want to know a bit about you like education, training, why you started your business, why you’re passionate about your business etc. If your clients feel they know you, it will help to generate trust. This will become your ‘about’ page.

Tell your clients who you are and why you’re in the business you’re in. People respond to stories. Write in an engaging way not just giving the facts.

Services: What problem(s) are you solving?
Describe your services in terms of how they satisfy the need or solve the problem for your target client/customer’

When describing your product or services consider the following:

  1. does it satisfy a basic need?
  2. does it solve a problem?
  3. does it make someone feel good

What products do you offer?
Describe what products you offer. Not only the features but more importantly the benefits. Will they be available for purchase online? What is the best way to handle the volume you expect? Do you need a site specifically set up as a merchant site or will PayPal be sufficient? How will you distribute your product?

How can you describe your online identity with an attention-getting tagline?
Your website title and your offer in 2 clear and easy to understand lines
E.G. My company
Easy …fill in the blank… solutions for small business and professionals

What resources do you wish to share that can add value?
This kind of page also sets the tone of your approach and helps people understand the quality you bring to the table.

  • other sites
  • books
  • articles
  • white papers
  • videos

Other considerations

  • Blog
    Will you be writing regular posts of opinions, information or special offers?
  • Member Only Pages
    Will some information be password protected for members only?
  • Events Calendar
    Is this a requirement?
  • Photos
    Will you be posting a select few or a gallery of images?
  • Video
    A video introduction? Video messages?
  • Banner image
    What image captures what you are about? Do you need a designer?
  • Subscription Forms
    Will you have a sign-up form through AWeber, Infusionsoft or other such as MailChimp?


  • What do you have now?
  • What do you need to capture? From whom?

Contact information
How do you want people to contact you? Will there be more than 1 person to connect to? Will you wish to instal a contact form?
What Social media will you include-LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Facebook Pinterest Google+

Domain name registration
This is included in your Bluehost registration.

Hosting : Through BLUEHOST
You need to set this up – .com urls can be done through Bluehost