Meet Sandy

Karl and Boris introduced me to the world of the web.

They were my first ‘webmasters”. Karl helped me with an art site and Boris with my blog on personality assessments.

Great guys and patient with my demands.

So… why did I feel the need to learn to do this myself?

Two reasons:

  1. Since I am at heart a personality assessment geek, my Reiss Motivational Profile shows just how much I am driven by my need for “expediency” and waiting for a request to one of my web guys was just not in the cards for me.
  2. The second reason falls under the same motivator. Preparing documentation of what I wanted done took so much longer than just doing it. At least that was the story that I told myself and it spurred me to take things into my own hands.

Doing it myself allowed me to create on the fly… trying things out and getting immediate visual feedback on whether it worked or not. That made it FUN not work.

Building websites let’s me do what I love:

  • Talk to entrepreneurs
  • Create, create, create
  • Learn new things
  • Try out new ideas
  • Use my skills, interests and passion

As I showed people some of the sites I was building for myself, people asked me to do one for them too. And so site building has taken on a life of its own. Contact me to see if you resonate with what you see here.